Social Competitive are playing catch-up games, as well as WFL A. Therefore, some of you may have to play two games. We are back to not having one rink available at 4pm so unfortunately we are going to be playing late until the end of this term. Teams from WFL B that are not listed, played their games last Sunday.


TimeRink 1 (Court 11/12)RefsMatchRecords
16:00 (Round 5) College Crew Blue vs The Smurfs PMa MS  
16:40 (Round 6) Autobots vs International Floorball Collective PMa SR Mel Cross
17:40 (Round 6) Gotham City Raiders vs The Hated Eight JBe MS Anna Kibblewhite
18:40 (Round 5) Beauty & the Beasts vs Decepticons APa SSu Fiona Solomon
19:40 (Round 5) Gotham City Raiders vs International Floorball Collective MBe SR Anna Kibblewhite
20:40 (Semi) Power&Co vs Newbees AB Nate  
TimeRink 2 (Court 9/10)RefsMatchRecords
17:20 (Semi) The Schnags vs Young Pink Panthers Tro MT  
18:00 (Round 6) The Flying Sprockets vs Mad Thrashers Tro JM  
18:40 (Semi) Narcissticks vs Killer Bananas PMi MT  
19:20 (Semi) Team Bob vs Reboots KS JM  
20:00 (Semi) Zoomers vs Dangerous Dads & Co JBe AB  
20:40 (Round 5) NUFC vs Captain Christo APa DJ  
TimeRink 3 (Court 5/6)RefsMatchRecords
16:00 (Round 5) Dragons & Lasers vs Relegation SSu RCa  
16:40 (Semi) The Miramafia vs Northland Knockouts PMi CMu  
17:20 (Round 6) Ex Brain Donors vs Red Roosters KS Cam L  
18:00 (Round 6) Navy Sealz vs Chickens RCa DJ  
18:40 (Semi) EIS Breakers vs Puffers BSo MH  
19:20 (Semi) 232 Crew vs The Flicks DS CMa  
20:00 (Semi) Scotts and Co vs Anti inflammatory JM Nate  
20:40 (Round 5) Crew Orange vs Pink Panthers DS CB  
21:20 (Round 5) Cake vs UH Misfits CB DJ  

Byes: Vikings, Rejects, Hooligans, Dukes of Hazard, Panther Dev. Squad, Unite, Blades of Steel, Guess Who, SMURFS