TimeRink 1 (Court 11/12)RefsMatchRecords
16:00 (Round 2) Dragons & Lasers vs Dukes of Hazard DJ JM  
16:40 (Round 1) Decepticons vs Blades of Steel MBe JM Dianne Patrick
17:40 (Round 1) Vikings vs Beauties gone Beasts remain CB SSu Paul Weston
18:40 (Round 2) IFC vs Autobots JBe APa Belinda Campbell
19:40 (Round 2) Gotham City Raiders vs The Hated Eight MS BMu Anna Kibblewhite
TimeRink 2 (Court 9/10)RefsMatchRecords
16:00 (Round 2) The Captains vs UH Misfits DS MH  
16:40 (Round 2) Stickman Clan vs The Flicks DS JC  
17:20 (Round 2) 232 Crew vs Guess Who BMu Connor W  
18:00 (Round 2) Unite vs Narcissticks SSc GK  
18:40 (Round 2) Young Pink Panthers vs Navy Sealz SSu AB  
19:20 (Round 2) Scotts and Co vs Panther Dev. Squad PMa Nate  
20:00 (Round 2) The Flying Sprockets vs Northland Knockouts PMa Tro  
TimeRink 3 (Court 5/6)RefsMatchRecords
16:00 (Round 2) Flying Lizards vs Pink Panthers MS MT  
16:40 (Round 2) Generation Gap vs Anti inflammatory JBo DH BMu to Observe
17:20 (Round 2) Killer Bananas vs Hooligans DJ CCr  
18:00 (Round 2) Blues Clues vs Dangerous Dads & Co CMu CCr  
18:40 (Round 2) Mad Thrashers vs Ex Brain Donors RCa CMa  
19:20 (Round 2) CAKE vs Team Bob RCa RCr  
20:00 (Round 2) Reboots vs Puffers CB Cam L  

Byes: Rejects, Relegation