Here is some handy information for upcoming terms.

Contacting the club

We have welcomed a new administrator and would kindly ask that all email correspondence be directed to her.
You can either use the contact form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club Member Management and Registrations

We have decided to use a new online registration system. Paper or email registrations will no longer be processed.

Every League, Training or Competition has a registration form. This needs to be filled out and once that is done you as a player have registered to the Wellington Floorball Club. You can then use the login information you have received for any other registration you may want to do.

If you are also a coach or volunteer for us, please tick the appropriate box while registering. It will be added to your profile.

If you do not play but are in any way affiliated to the club (volunteer, coach, etc) then you still need to register.
Please use this form.


John S wants to play in the Sunday Social League this term. He is already part of a team.
His team captain will use the registration form to register the team to us. He will enter all of his players email addresses. John then receives an email with login details and a link to follow. By doing this he will fill out a form and register himself to his team AND to Wellington Floorball Club.John then decides he would like to take part in training too.
He clicks on REGISTER NOW! and is given three options. He either has already registered to an event/competition/association and uses his login details, requests a reminder of his username and password or completes a new registration.
Since John has already given us all of his details when he signed up for his team, he does not have to do this again. He can use the login details he received via email to register to training or any other event / competition.

Team registrations

The team captain will have to register their team to the League or tournament. Make sure you have all of your team members email addresses handy. You will need to enter them and your members will receive an email with login information and a link to register themselves to your team. It is mandatory for all of your players to register themselves. Full payment of the team fee is to be made before the second round of the competition, otherwise teams won’t be able to play their games and will forfeit the results.
You will also receive an email inviting you to register as a player.


We now offer online credit card payments. This is our preferred method of payment and we encourage everybody to use it. There will be an option in the future to use PoliPay. This lets you transfer online directly from your account and shows up in our management system. (Not available yet)

Manual transfers to our account can still be made but might slow down your registration and may get lost. If you need to make a manual transfer, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and use our new account number Kiwibank 38-9017-0795867-00
Club credits are still accepted. Please contact us.


Online registration forms have been set up for training. Please fill this out before the first day. There is also no longer the option to pay a casual fee on the night. Full payment must be made before the term starts.


Please do email us if you think something should be added to our FAQ's