The Wellington Floorball League is the highest level of floorball competition run in Wellington.

After a trial at the new WFL system over summer, we have made some changes for our winter season. This season we are introducing 2 grades (A and B). Returning teams will be placed in a grade depending on their final ranking in the summer season. At the end of the first half of the season, a promotion/relegation game will be played. The winning team of this match will play in A grade for the rest of the season, and the loser will play in B grade.

Players joining a Storm Club team will be placed in the grade best suited to their ability. Teams will be different to the summer season teams.

Teams are open grade, both male and female players are eligible. All players of a team need to be licensed with Floorball New Zealand and players can only play for one WFL team per term. Minimum age for players is 14 years old. Teams must register with a club to play in WFL. If you would like to register to be in a Wellington Storm team, please find the information further down the page.

Game length: Games are 3x15min effective time. This means game length is approximately 80mins. Teams should get 14 games across a season.

Teams now register for a season instead of per term. This means we have a summer (term 4 and term 1) and a winter season (term 2 and term 3). 

Dates: The next season for the WFL starts on Sunday 12th May 2019 and runs until 30th June for term 2. Dates for the second half of the season are Sunday 21st July till 5th September. Game days will be held if we are unable to schedule all WFL games within the usual Sunday League nights.

Registrations close: 23rd April 2019.

Team fees: $1,200 per team per season.

Team fees have increased due to the longer game length and the season format (as opposed to term format). The fees can be paid in 3 $400 installments if preferred. First installment is due within 2 weeks of first game, second is due by the end of term 2 and third by the start of term 3. 


Registering as a club:

  Please note teams can only register at the start of a new season (seasons begin term 2 and term 4).

  1. Visit select login and then Passport. Register for an STG Passport. Confirm this by clicking on the link in your confirmation email.

  1. Send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an email and let me know what club you are managing, and the email address used to register for the STG Passport. I will then add you to our database and send you a confirmation email.

  2. Log in to your SP Passport

  3. Click on Membership Database. Select your account.

  4. Follow the steps above, except that you will select ‘Teams’ and then ADD new teams. 

  5. Once you are in the team’s dashboard you can select ‘edit’ to change the team name and details if needed. Please select ASSIGN TO COMPETITION (top right hand corner) to enter term 2. Select WFL WINTER SEASON REGISTRATION 2019. This team is now registered for winter.

  6. To add your team members go back to the team dashboard and select MEMBERS>LIST MEMBERS . You can add new players and select MODIFY TEAM LIST to assign them to term 2 2019. Make sure to change your filters to see the current players.

Want to register with a Wellington Storm Club Team?


If you wish to register for a Wellington Storm club team please read the information below. Please note there is no Storm club training for WFL players who are not registered with a Wellington Storm club team.


  • Teams will have about 15 players, including 1-2 goalies. This insures that teams can have good training sessions and a minimum of 2 lines even if some people are unable to play a game.
  • Each team will have a dedicated coach/manager. Ideally coaches are non-playing coaches. If a team has a player-coach, we will aim to have a team manager/assistant coach at games to assist.
  • You will be allocated a team. This means you will not select your own players but will be put with a team of players from Wellington Storm. Teams will be split into U19 teams and adult teams of equal strength. U19 for this season is anyone born in 2000 or younger, although the minimum age is 14.
  • Players who sign up for a Wellington Storm club team are expected to attend their team's training session. Trainings will be Tuesday or Thursday nights 8pm-9:30pm at ASB or Wellington East Girls' College.
  • If you want to be part of a Wellington Storm club team and have played at a high level previously but cannot make regular training sessions, you will be assigned to our club non-training team (dependent on enough interest).


$220 per season, or 2 installments of $120. The cost includes your player fee, training fee and floorball license. 

If you wish to play for the non-training team OR YOU ARE A CLUB COACH, the cost is $140 per season, or 2 installments of $80. This cost includes your player fee and floorball license (plus training fee if a club coach).


NEW! Adults Development Training 

This session is for experienced players wanting to further develop their floorball skills. Training will start with half an hour of fitness, and will then split into men's/women's development skills sessions.

Term 3 Fridays, ASB.
Free for those already attending and paying for another club training session, and $50 for those not.
For those born 2004 or older.

To register for this training, please visit our Trainings page


Are you in a team that needs new players? Or an individual that would like to join a team? Place an ad in our dedicated Facebook group.



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