The Wellington Floorball League is the highest level Floorball competition run in Wellington.

The teams are open grade, both men/women players are eligible and no restrictions on gender applies. All players of a team need to be licensed with Floorball New Zealand and players can only play for one WFL team per term.

Minimum age for players is 14 years old.

Games are 3x15min and team costs are $450 per term

The next term for the WFL starts on Sunday 29.07.2018. The finals are held on Sunday 16.09.2018.
Registrations closed 20.07.2018.
Fee's are due by round 4.

Registration Tutorial

Purchase WFL license

competition rules

Every player needs a valid license to take part in the WFL. If you have registered and paid for WFL or U19 training then the license was already included. Players who do not wish to take part in training but want to play in the WFL need to purchase a license. This is valid from 01/07/2017-30/06/2018 and costs $60. When you recieve your email invitation from your team captain you will need to add the license item to your registration.


Make sure you have all of your team members email addresses handy. You will need to enter them during the registrations process. Your members will receive an email with login information and a link to register themselves to your team. Players can now register for training in the same form! It is mandatory for all of your players to register themselves. Please note that full payment of the entry fee must be made before the second round.

Please save your login information.
The login details that you recieve in the email can be used for any purchase on this site. Trainings, Leagues, Tournaments etc. It means that you as a player have been registered to Wellington Floorball Club. If you are also a coach or volunteer for us, please tick the appropriate box while registering.

More Information

Are you in a team that needs new players? Or an individual that would like to join a team? Place an add in our dedicated Facebook group!

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