Coaching for Schools

Wellington Floorball can provide coaching for schools both at the ASB Sports Centre and at your local school (primary, intermediate or college). If you would like school sessions at the ASB, please get in touch with them.

We have several experienced coaches and can provide the equipment needed at your school hall/gym. There is a cost of $35 per hour.

If you like to know more about coaching for schools, please email Sophie at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Session overview

The five week coaching programme will provide an introduction to floorball and some basic
training and games. The sessions provide a progressive development of the students.

Week 1: Introduction, dribbling
Warm-up game: Ball rush
Drills: “Follow the leader” “Slalom” “Relay”

Week 2: Passing
Warm-up game: Marbles
Drills: “Passing” “Slalom with passing” “Passing through gates”

Week 3: Ball handling, shooting
Warm-up game: Piggy in the middle
Drills: “Passing through gates” “Follow your pass” "Horse shoe"

Week 4: Attacking and scoring
Warm-up game: Ball rush with scoring
Drills: “Horse shoe” “Pass and shoot, one pass” “Follow your pass”

Week 5: Defending, playing as a team
Warm-up game: Piggy in the middle
Drills: “Pass and shoot, two passes” “Move to free cone” “2v1”